Right from the day of discussion and planning for the shoot, to the actual day of shoot and post shoot anything and everything was clear and written! Yes, you read that right! These guys are super quick with email and WhatsApp communication!

Until the day of shoot all I looked out for was a place that would put my kid to comfort apart from home. These guys have the best studio designed perfectly for kids needs and they have pretty much everything we ask for! I visited them during rainy season and when we struggled to find their place one of their team member came looking for us and offered ☂️ for me and the baby! They also ensured that we got
a parking space! I connected with them right from here, the moment they cared for my baby and me ensuring we were not wet!

The effort that goes in to shoot with kids is unimaginable and not everyone’s cup of tea! Their team cracks it on time and with so much ease and poise! They probably believed that smile creates magic and can put every odd situation into place!

They gave prompt delivery of pictures and more so also accommodated my last minute request!

These guys are the best in terms of pricing, quality, customer service and support!

My apologies for this lengthy post but I’m literally in awe with their fantastic super perfection service!

Kidzography Team – Thank you for capturing the best phase of my baby’s life! I will visit you again this June!

Deepti Rao