Common Queries


We understand the investment you make with us; hence we continually strive to improve your experience with us. By bringing a system into our process, we try our level best to organise the way we shoot as well as deliver the end product to you in a seamless and smooth fashion. In order to help us serve you better, we humbly request you to get in touch with us to get familiarised with our system and follow it. Right from sharing guidelines & links to download the unretouched photos (in jpeg format), general post-production queries, and other any information you may seek from us regarding your shoot is communicated via email post shoot and on WhatsApp at the time of booking. Of course, we’re always a call away or available on WhatsApp, but we prefer if the final communication post shoot is made on email, especially with respect to special requests, changes, and any other alteration.

  • Once you finalise on us as your memory maker, your next step would be locking in on a date that you’re looking to shoot on.
  • To do so, based on a confirmation from us on our availability, you will need to freeze your date and slot with a booking amount of Rs. 5,000 which we adjust against your total package amount.
  • You can either Paytm the booking amount or pay it via bank transfer using NEFT, IMPS, Google Pay or BHIM.
  • The booking amount is non-refundable; however, if you’re faced with an unavoidable circumstance, you can get in touch with us to reschedule your booking. If the booking is rescheduled 48hrs before the shoot a rescheduling charge of Rs. 1000/- will be applicable*. *terms and criteria are open to a discussion; the final call is to our discretion.
  • Your booking amount is valid for 1 year from your date of booking.
  • To book your slot you need to transfer the booking amount of Rs. 5,000.
  • No booking can be made or confirmed without the booking amount.
  • The booking amount is non-refundable; however, if you’re faced with an unavoidable circumstance, you can get in touch with us to reschedule your booking. If the booking is rescheduled 48hrs before the shoot a rescheduling charge of Rs. 1000/- will be applicable*. *terms and criteria are open to a discussion; the final call is to our discretion.
  • Your booking amount is valid for 1 year from your date of booking.
  • The balance amount is to be paid in full on the day of the photoshoot.

You can either Paytm the booking amount or pay it via bank transfer using NEFT, IMPS, Google Pay or BHIM.

Once your booking is registered with us, we’ll share a pdf of themes with you, based on your child’s age and gender. You’ll need to pick your themes and share your choice with us before your shoot. We’re also open to trying out new themes, concepts and ideas, provided it is not way off our line of work, it suits your baby’s age and body language, is a concept or pose your child is comfortable with and the availability of props and items related to the concept. 

This photoshoot is your big day and we understand how much you’d like to prepare for it so that everything sails smoothly. You can always get in touch with us over a call or WhatsApp to share your ideas & inputs, we would love to brainstorm with you. However, we refrain from replicating a fellow photographer’s work. Hence would expressly appeal you to not put in requests to recreate or replicate another person’s image as it is. New concepts and ideas that don’t belong to our stable of work is subject to criterions like it should suit your baby’s age and body language, availability of props related to the concept, your child’s comfort in creating the shot (especially in the case of newborn posing).

Outfits Best Suited for Your Session​

  • We have a wide range of 15 plus outfits for maternity photoshoots, it is a mix of glamorous gowns sourced and custom made by is for you from across the world as well as chic full-length dresses and dungarees.
  • We recommend you to get your basic hair and make-up done in order to yield the best outcome from your photoshoot. Undone hair, make up and nails can dampen the overall look of your photos. The same applies to daddies, it goes a long way if you’re well-groomed (hair & facial hair). It is recommended you clean, cut and file your nails before the shoot as they often show up in close ups.
  • We house two wardrobes full of outfit options for kids up to 2 years of age as well as a wide range of internationally sourced wraps and knitted outfits for your delicate newborn babies. The costumes are subject to fitting and we will definitely recommend you to carry outfits options for your photoshoots, especially in the case of infants & sitters. We don’t provide costumes for Cake Smash sessions. Please connect with us to discuss the same before your session.

    We recommend if your baby has any skin sensitivity issue or has had any skin issues in recent times, you should avoid using our outfits and stick to the little’s own clothes.   

  • We have chic full-length dresses and gowns for mommies and a few blazer options for daddies.  Daddies will need to carry shirts/t-shirts and trousers/denims for their session. We usually shoot family portraits & parent’s sessions on black or white backgrounds as these colours give a chic edge to photos. Hence it is recommended you choose to dress in either solid dark colours like black or navy blue in case of the black background, or in plain whites with denims or solid light pastels like baby pink, baby blue, peach, etc, in case of the white background. Everyone past of the session has to be colour-coordinated for an optimum output. Bright mixed and matched colours or loud prints are highly discouraged by us. Even if you wish to use our outfits for the family session, we recommend you carry adequate options with you in case size or fit is an issue. It is very important that you are comfortable wearing the outfit you choose for your session as your lack of comfort is likely to hamper the outcome of your images. A session with parents is done in one outfit only.
  • Hygiene is of prime importance to us at Kidzography, hence all our outfits & wraps are regularly cleaned and maintained.
  • There is no set limit on how many photos we click as the number of clicks totally depends on how the overall shoot has been. However, we always have a minimum count of 100 photos in every shoot. For instance, if a child isn’t very cooperative the number of clicks may just go up and likewise if a child is being cooperative we may get great shots even with fewer clicks.
  • We highly discourage you from indulging in clicking your baby using your mobile phones, especially when the child is on the set up. Instead, we would encourage you to entertain your little one and make him or her comfortable.
  • We recommend you bring along as few people as possible, preferably only the parents and the baby & may be a nanny or third person who can make the baby smile. If you have session with extended family, if possible, they can be asked to join in a little later, closer to the family session. This is done since having too many people around can be intimidating for a baby. It also hampers our team function.
  • We do not allow outside footwear to be worn inside the studio for hygiene reasons. If you wish to wear a pair for your session we recommend you to carry a separate cleaned pair that you can wear just for your session. The same goes for the little one’s footwear. We also request you to carry a pair of socks to be worn in the studio.
  • We at Kidzography are firm believers in quality over quantity, therefore we have set a number on the set ups we provide, the number of outfit changes we suggest as well as the number of photos we retouch. There will be plenty of options where you may get numerous set ups and retouched images, but owing to our experience we know the limitations when it comes to a child’s interest and energy levels. We’re also aware of what number of images is likely to give you variety in terms of shots. Hence, we request you to trust our experience and instincts when it comes to quality.

Post Production & Deliverables

  • We use large size file sharing cloud service websites like Wetransfer to share your images with you in a safe and secure manner. The same goes for retouched images as well.
  • The photos are shared within 5 working days from the date of shoot.
  • Our email will contain a link to download the images and guidelines for choosing your images for retouching. We recommend you to read the entire mail to understand the process ahead. Once you receive this link, you generally have a stipulated number of days to download the photos before the link expires.
  • Each image comes with a unique image number which is very important, especially with respect to sharing your selection with us.
  • We suggest you download the images on a desktop or laptop using an internet connection with good speed as the total file size is large and will take time to fully download. Once you download them on your computer, please make sure you save it all on a secure system like a hard drive or a cloud service like google drive. If you transfer them to your mobile device do remember transferring photos to a mobile can change the unique image numbers associated with the original images shared by us which can lead to confusion when you share your selection with us for retouching. Therefore, we strongly recommend you refer to the original image numbers when you share your selection with us to avoid going back and forth.


  • Counting from the day you share your selection for retouching, we will take 21 working days to deliver the final images with you.
  • We do offer Express Retouching Service to complete your projects in 10 days. Please discuss this service and the costing with us during the shoot if you wish to avail of it. However, we recommend opting for this service only if the need for the retouched images is totally unavoidable as we discourage disrupting the retouching schedule. The Express Retouching Service is also subject to the workload at the said time.
  • Albums take two weeks to be made from the delivery of your retouched images.
  • We guarantee storing of unretouched original data for 30 days from the day of your shoot. The same goes for retouched images. We request to close your project (retouching) within 6 months from your date of shoot. Projects going beyond 6 months will be considered closed from our end and no refund, exchanges or adjustments will be made.
  • Our unretouched images are all high-resolution and of usable and printable quality.
  • We create full set ups at the time of the shoot so that not much is left to editing except basic skin touch up, colour and bright correction and minor perfecting of images.
  • Size of our original images is anything between 2Mb to 5 Mb.

Our priority is to deliver good quality final images; thus we have set a count on the number of retouched image we offer, differing from package to package. Addition of family sessions, set ups or any other session to the shoot doesn’t result in changes in the number of retouched images, unless expressly discussed and confirmed in writing by us. In case of newborn shoots, digital photos are part of the promised number of retouched images as per your package. Eg, if the package has 2 digitals and 20 retouched photos then the digitals have to be part of the 20 photos selected for retouch and not outside of the selection.

  • Through the shoot, on various set ups, we end up clicking images that are similar or are continuous shots. And when we share the original files with you, barring test shots and faulty shots, we share the entire projects with you so that you can select your little one’s best image and expression.
  • Our original images are shared only to help you pick the best images. They are not meant to not be part of the deliverables. Our emphasis and focus is always on the output of the final product.
  • If you are not able to choose your photos for retouching and request us to make the selection, we will oblige and uphold your request, but as a protocol we will share our selection with you for you to go through. Thereafter, we will need your confirmation and go-ahead on the selection made by us for us to proceed to retouch the images.
  • If you wish to get additional images retouched by us, over and above your promised number, please get in touch with us to know more about purchasing the extra images.
  • Since we create a complete and fairly flawless set up during the shoot itself, our photo retouching process is limited to:
    • Light, brightness and colour correction
    • Basic skin improvisations (includes removal or small marks, newborn acne, light newborn hair, light greys, etc)
  • Since we use proper backdrops and coloured seamless sheets at the time of the photos, we don’t change or replace backgrounds, especially with respect to indoor photos.
  • Our logo is vital to the identity of our work, just like the logo on any product. Hence, our retouched images carry our logo which is usually placed in one of the four corners of the image. We make sure the logo doesn’t come in the way or hamper our final images in any way.
  • If you wish to have your retouched images without our logo, you can opt for it at an additional charge. You can get in touch with us to know more.
  • The images we print or include in the album do not carry our logo.
  • Our unretouched images do not carry our logo.

Sharing images on our social media handles is completely our discretion. We don’t share photos from every project on our pages.

If you don’t want us to share yours or your little one’s images on our social media pages, we request you to duly inform us about the same at the time of booking.

You can either come to the studio to personally collect your album or any other product you have purchased from us. If that is not possible, we can deliver it to you with the help of delivery services available. The delivery cost will have to be borne by you. Also, we don’t take responsibility of the product/album once it leaves our premises in full condition.

We take pride in the fact that we have been professionally trained & certified in newborn photography by the world-renowned newborn photographer Jade Gao of Newborn Photography by Jade.