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An overwhelming love for tiny tots and a passion for capturing kids at the spur of the moment gave birth to Kidzography—a labour of love in every sense. Backed by three years of unrelenting efforts.

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At Kidzography, we strongly believe in creating photographs that are real, quirky yet simple at the core, simplicity being our predominant aesthetic. We’ve spent a good amount of energy and creative juices to design themes and concepts that are self-sufficient and that don’t need photoshop tricks and enhancement gimmicks in post-production. Our photos are good to go with basic post-production treatment and retouching.

We shoot with kids as young as 5-day olds to 10 years; however, the first year of a child is most special. So if you have the opportunity to shoot in that one year, we suggest you go for it without a second thought. The landmark months in the first year are 5-20-day olds, 3-4 months, 7-9 months and one year. We offer annual packages, too, for your child’s first year.

As far as newborns are concerned, we recommend the child to be photographed within the first 20 days of birth. This is the time your child sleeps most soundly and is at his/her agile best, making it easy to make them pose. As time passes they become more active and rigid and it can be a task to make them pose a certain way.

If you’re not looking at a very ‘posed’ session for your child, you can even wait longer until 2 months to do a casual candid session with us.

However, it is important to bear in mind that every child is different, thus, the outcome will always differ from child to child. As a team, we’re always a call away, should you have any doubts.

Keeping your health in mind and your stamina levels, the best time to have yourself shot during pregnancy is around the 7th month. That is the time when your bump isn’t too large yet it is large enough to be visible in a photoshoot. As a safety measure we advise you to take the necessary precautions you need to before you decide to shoot. If you’re on your way for a second baby, you can always include your first born in the photos; all you have to do is inform us in advance so we can plan accordingly.

We’re a warm team of experts who know that posing with a little baby inside you can be tiring and overwhelming. Rest assured, we’re always there to make you feel comfortable and help you with poses. We’ll make sure there is more space for the little one in your tummy than nervous butterflies.

To book a shoot with us all you need to do is give us a call. Once you finalise your package, you need to book and freeze your date of shoot.

We also offer pre-shoot consultation at the studio on certain packages. Even if your package doesn’t include the formal consultation, we will guide you through your shoot and discuss with you the outfits as per the themes finalised. We don’t provide full costumes, hence you will need to bring adequate clothing options based on the number of themes / concepts included in your package. We do provide fashion accessories like bow-ties, suspenders, caps and head bands, tutu skirts, wraps, furs, etc.

While we’re more than happy to decide the themes in advance, as experts, we do take the liberty to leave certain creative calls to ourselves.

We’re a team of experts who have been shooting with little ones for three years and we know exactly how unpredictable children can be. Rest assured our team is patient with kids; and in case your child seems nervous or shy at first, do not panic; most children take time before they get comfortable or open up to strangers. At the end of a shoot, we make sure the themes promised are covered and the deliverables are in accordance with what was pre-decided.

Depending on your child’s response and the output, any shoot takes anything between 2-4 hours. We understand our subjects are little children who may lose interest quickly, are distracted easily, can get tired soon and may need breaks. Hence, we’re not very rigid when it comes to the time frame. Our aim, at the end of the day, is to deliver our best to you.

Yes, we realise how important it is for you to have photos clicked with your little one/s in few of our packages. Hence we do offer sessions with parents. Do discuss your intentions for photos with your little ones while booking the shoot.

We strongly believe in quality over quantity. Hence, when it comes to retouched photos, we don’t believe in offering 50s and 100s of them. We have a set number of touched up images that vary from package to package.

We do, as a practice, hand over all the untouched images from the shoot to you in 48 hours from the shoot. We used a cloud-based service to send across the images to you, post that you have to select the promised number of retouched photos as per your package and share the image numbers with us via email. The untouched photos that we hand over are not to be considered deliverables; they’re simply given to help you select images of your choice. From the date we receive the selection from you, it would take about 15 days for the retouched photos to reach you. Should you need your photos earlier than usual, don’t forget to ask us the details of our EXPRESS SERVICE.

When we say ‘retouched’ photos we mean that our photos are colour corrected, the lighting is corrected and the skin is touched up for an even look and feel. We don’t believe in manipulating photos, changing backgrounds.

We deliver soft copies in jpeg format.

Yes, we offer a premium, customised coffee-table photo album (you can book it at an additional cost before the shoot). You can always request for a sample for viewing. In case you opt for it, it will be delivered to you in about 10 days time from the time you receive the retouched photos.

To book your slot you need to pay us a booking amount, post that, you need to make a payment of your remaining amount on the day of the shoot.